LMRCA Initiatives: 2021-2022


  1. July 2021 riots- LMRCA and local community worked together with service providers across La Mercy to keep residents safe and the community topped up with food/resources.
  2. Thanks to local security companies and private residents forming the first responders and the neighbourhood watch.
  3. Local community feeding projects currently running.
  4. Animal spay/neuter campaigns.
  5. Keep La Mercy Beautiful- By Eileen.
  6. Roads/Infrastructure/ reporting light/water issues- Eileen.
  7. Dune restoration- Eileen and Ravi.
  8. Joint venture of bridge construction- La Mercy M4 to Umhloti and fundraising.
  9. Flood management – April 2022 floods.
  10. Housing of flood victims and outreach together with local residents’ intervention.
  11. Rates increase issue ongoing- Tashya and Tongaat Civic Association.
  12. Sewer and contamination of water- Pastor Charles, Tashya, Eileen and Ravi.
  13. Collaboration with the community, Cobras, Neighbourhood watch and first responders regarding security.
  14. Ongoing engagement with Municipality in respect of alternative housing – Jaleel, Ravi, Preggie and Tashya
  15. Engagement with Premier’s office on community issues- ongoing.
  16. Engagement with local civics in the areas over issues of joint interest.
  17. Parks and Recreation- Eileen, Ravi and Jaleel.
  18. Working with Gift of the Givers and Department of Transport.